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Awaken To Your Body


Awaken To Your Body


Are you ready to reclaim your power, embody your authentic sexuality and finally allow yourself to experience the full potential your body has for pleasure?


Even with all of the progress we have made as women, there is a severe split that we ALL live with; we are cut off from our sexuality and therefore our pleasure and our power.


with the intention of coming home to ourselves and living a vibrant authentic life and still being deeply unhappy, hungry for something ‘more’ that we can’t quite touch.


We may even find we are thriving in our career, our friendships, our family, but somehow it's just not translating (and it freakin’ should be after all these years of ‘doing the work’! lol).


We will not be able to fully integrate all that we have learned. Nor will we be able to go deeper or experience the relationships we know are possible or (I’m just gonna go ahead and say it) experience incredible lovemaking.


MUCH MORE. And it’s actually EASY for us to touch deep states of pleasure and even ecstasy. We simply have not had access to the tools because there is so much shame around this in our culture.


This awareness is not only delicious and lovely ~ it is ESSENTIAL to our awakening.

The dance we have been doing of avoiding our sexuality by focusing on our heart and 3rd eye while ignoring the pulse of our loins has perpetuated this disconnect. 

"I’m still getting my head (!) around the fact that if I change the way I pay attention (with a focus on my body), I will see shifts in my life. I always thought (!) that such shifts can only come with deep self reflection, pondering, understanding >> head work, not body work. I love the new perspective!" ~Patricia

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Is it right for me?

Is it right for me?

You are in the right place if one or more of these is true:

  • You have been living with a feeling that ‘there is more’

    • …something you can’t put your finger on, but the hunger drives you to keep searching.

  • It no longer feels okay to stay numb and not enjoy your body

    • You are ready to embrace your sensuality & sexual pleasure.

  • You are passionate about your spiritual journey 

    • You recognize that all the work you have done has left out the integration of the body and you know you are ready to go deeper.

  • your relationships and intimate life don’t reflect all the ‘work’ you have done on yourself

    • Even though you have all of the 'concepts' of being enlightened down. ;)
  • you are ready to reclaim your body and rediscover your power

    • You may have even experienced sexual trauma in your past, making this even more important.

  • you want to experience more pleasure through consciously awakening the body

    • You know that your intimate life could be richer, but you want to explore in a conscious & integrated way. Rather than turning to porn or bigger, better sex toys. 
  • You have pain during intercourse

  • You experience limitations around orgasm 

    • Maybe you have never had an orgasm, only experience clitoral orgasm (and long to know vaginal orgasm), or you simply don’t know the gateways to your own pleasure.

  • You long to experience deeper lovemaking with your partner

  • you are ready to be met in a new way and do relationship differently

    • You don’t want to repeat the same patterns you have experienced in previous relationships.

"I feel like I am breaking up a lot of old patterns and clearing out stuck energy. I have been noticing more energy in my pelvis – I felt a new pleasant sense of fullness and warmth there…"

"I didn’t realize how numb I was until I began to wake up. I was one of those women who never masturbated and men would probably describe as ‘rigid’ in bed. After my marriage ended with him making it clear it was the lack of ‘intimacy’ that pulled us apart (which we both played our parts in), I made a commitment to myself to invest in my sensuality for me.
I hope to be in partnership again one day (almost feeling ready) and when I am, I want to enjoy myself and my body and our lovemaking. I knew that would never happen if I didn’t start exploring it on my own. I still want to have a relationship when I feel ready AND I never knew just how much pleasure I could experience on my own. I feel my body waking up and with it my whole life is changing. THIS is what it feels like to be a woman. I am so grateful for this course lighting the way for this discovery". ~ Jennifer


My Story...

My Story...

Every woman has a unique story of how we experience pleasure and where we long for something more when we feel fragmented.

This is one aspect of my personal story.
I want to share this with you so you can see how powerful this work has been for me personally, and so you can feel the possibilities of what it can do for you….

Once I became sexually aware and began to explore my body, it was very easy for me to experience orgasm via my clitoris and this was exciting and satisfying for a long time. However, I had this sneaking feeling that I was only experiencing a small sliver of what was possible within my body.

I knew I was missing something…

Until my beloved and I got together I had rarely, if ever, experienced vaginal orgasm, although I had begun to experience ‘full body orgasm’ through my Tantra practice from practicing the simplest meditations (some of the very ones I guide you through in this home-study course).

I was beginning to explore my body in new ways and I was curious and confused about why I was not very sensitive on the inside of my vagina. I had a feeling that this was not just about ‘getting off’ in a more intense way, I knew there were mysterious and powerful awakenings hiding in a pleasure I did not know how to access.

I was ready to experience more of what my body was capable of…

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When I got together with my love, I told him, ‘Let’s try something new, I would like you to steer clear of my clitoris and I will too…I want to see what else I am feeling when you are making love with me’. This was a great decision and we experimented with this for more than a year.

What opened up inside of me was amazing….

I began to become more and more aware of the sensations in my vagina and within days (keep in mind, I was ripe for this, having already developed a Tantra practice) I was experiencing vaginal orgasm in many different ways. As time went on, I began to experience waves of orgasm almost throughout the duration of our lovemaking and I learned how to relax into the waves until I was able to drop into TOTAL presence.

Orgasm was not separate from awakening…

The feeling was as if I was sitting in the bindu (center) point of orgasm, orgasm that was expansive and never-ending rather than intense and explosive. I also began to become so sensitive to him, and him to me, that I could feel and ride the waves of orgasm within his body and I even began to experience orgasm the moment he entered me—a wash of union—and this feeling would run through his body and mine together.

I had a moment of awakening and profound union, a moment outside of time and space. It was something magical and indescribable that I had always longed for within myself and with my partner and had never been able to touch before.

What I have discovered is so RICH and possible for every woman…

Now that I have become more sensitive to all of the sensations, I bring in my clitoris when it feels right. It is far less often than before because so many new sensations are available and more importantly I am sensitive to the moment, the love that opens between us when our bodies come together.

What we are exploring in this home study is not limited to what type of orgasm you can or cannot have and how to ‘solve’ that. This is just one woman’s journey of how this work transformed my experience of lovemaking. The best part is that I don’t for a moment believe that I have discovered everything. I continue to expand and I can’t wait to discover even more of what is possible in my own body and with my beloved.

The sensitivity that was required for me to experience this awakening through pleasure was opened to me through the very Tantric practices that I will share with you in this home study course.

“I’ve decided to go through the home study again. Hearing Charu describe what this work is all about totally touched me in a new, deeper way. Since I’ve been doing these practices for 8 months now, I can really feel how I’ve shifted into them so much that they have become second nature to me.

The other interesting shift is that I was really resistant to embracing the sacred aspect of myself when I started this. I felt foolish, silly, and kind of ashamed of wanting that for myself (my family was always very practical and reasonable above all else). I can see how I LOVE that part of myself now, that really I am all Divine, and that it is ok to embrace that deeper and deeper every day.”       ~ Nancy
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Why do this?

Why do this?

Awaken to Your Body will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced…

It will transform your relationship to yourself, your relationship to your body and to your life's journey.

In this course we will be exploring how knowing our body and awakening our sexual energy or life-force energy is essential to embracing and moving through life in our true power.

We will be uniting ancient meditations with comprehensive knowledge of how to integrate these tools into your life.

Each week we will work with a different element of Tantric meditation to move you into a place of feeling your body in a completely new way, allowing pleasure to flow through you, experiencing your true power and deeply loving yourself.

You will also discover your personal practice which will easily integrate into your life and nourish you for years to come.

It’s a transformational journey...

Unlike live workshops & events which are amazing for breaking through into new ground and having a group experience, this Home-study course is great for discovering and integrating the practice into your life and making deep shifts which relate to your specific issues. It is designed for both experienced Tantrikas and newbies alike.

The problem with most programs is that they try to transform these deeply rooted ways that we hold back from ourselves from the outside in.

In Tantra we move from the inside out...

We specifically work with our pelvis and our relationship to sexuality where many of us hold our shame.

Awaken to Your Body is not about changing who you are or creating more ideals to live up to – it’s about awakening to the PRESENT and allowing yourself to fully feel the great pleasure and freedom of simply being alive.

Sound good? Let me hold your hand and serve as your guide through this powerful process of awakening to your body…

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7 Weeks to Greater Sensitivity, Feeling Fully Alive in Your Body & Discovering Your Authentic Sexuality as Part Of your Awakening

A Home-Study Program Delivered to Your Doorstep (and inbox)
to practice in The Comfort & Privacy of Your Home – At your own pace.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Discover the exact tools you can use immediately to clear blocks in your body and awaken a flow of orgasmic energy accessible to you in EVERY moment….

    • In just one Tantra session I have seen these tools save couple’s relationships, free women from pain or numbness during intercourse, shift body-image issues, and literally awaken the beauty in every woman I have shared them with.
  • Break through deep-rooted habitual patterns 

    • And do it in a way that will integrate shifts and changes into your life immediately – something that many therapists & healers are unaware of.

  • Uncover an inner wisdom 

    • This has been all but lost in our modern culture. Yes, right now, you have untapped information you aren’t even aware of! Through this program, you’ll learn how to tap into this wisdom and how to live with more ease, heal your body and have a deeper experience of lovemaking by ‘tuning in’ to it.

    • Truly, the very best part of unlocking your potential for pleasure. 
  • Oh yeah, there's also the great lovemaking and the mind-blowing orgasms you can open up to!

    • Whether you have never experienced orgasm before or you consider yourself to be especially sexually savvy, what is possible within your body is rarely understood or experienced in our modern times.
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The Format

The Format

Join me for this 7 week journey to Awaken To Your Body.

In each weekly audio, I will guide you through a lecture
and a Tantric practice with this self-paced home-study course:

Week 1: Creating a Sacred Space.

This is an essential building block for the rest of the work that we do. Our space outside is a reflection of the space inside.

  • Re-discover the lost art of tuning into your environment.
  • Create a space that honors the lost parts of yourself essential for your sensuality and authenticity to be expressed.
  • Uncover hidden patterns that have been holding you back and begin to allow a new tenderness towards yourself to come through.
  • Come into a place of deep honor and reverence for yourself, making it safe to step into this uncharted territory of pleasure and awakening over these 7 weeks.



Week 2: Opening Space in the Body for Pleasure

Often if we don’t experience ourselves as orgasmic, it is because we are not fully aware or sensitive to the orgasmic sensations that are opening in our body – we railroad over pleasure in order to get to what we have come to define as orgasm.

  • Expand your sensitivity and capacity to be sensual.
  • Simply clear blocks in the body to make space for ‘more of you’ to show up.
  • Learn the first step on the pathway to full-body orgasm. 


Week 3: Become your own best lover…

How often have we put pressure or found fault with our partners because they were not satisfying us? How often have we looked to our partners to fill us up with love, the love that we are lacking within?

One of the biggest mistakes that women make is believing that the right partner is all we need in order to feel happy and fulfilled. This week, our practice gives us tools to free us from that story and the keys to deep sexual satisfaction and awakening we crave.

  • Discover yourself as your own greatest lover.
  • Release what has been holding you back from receiving what you most desire in lovemaking.


Week 4: Arousing Sexual Energy

Begin to unlock what your body is truly capable of when it comes to pleasure…

  • Connect with a store of authentic personal power that is accessed through your sexuality.
  • Heighten your capacity for sexual pleasure.
  • Sensitize to experience many more layers of vaginal orgasm.
  • If you are in partnership, become more sensitive and alive to your partner.


Week 5: Igniting the Energy of Arousal

This week we are continuing on with this journey of generating energy and pleasure in the pelvis.

  • Release habitual tension held in the genitals.
  • Build and relish in energy and pleasure through the pelvis and vagina with another layer of practice essential for ‘stoking the fire’ that we will ultimately invite through the body for full-expression of orgasmic states.




Week 6: Becoming A Vessel for Pleasure

This week we will nourish the body with the vibrancy of your sexual energy for pleasure, healing and empowered awakening.

  • Explore the entire body as an erogenous zone.
  • Engage in a powerful practice to bring together what we have learned in weeks 4 & 5 and allow the intensity of pleasure to move through the open vessel of the body.
  • Re-sensitize to areas we formerly felt numb.
  • If you are into the flashy terminology ~ this is where we open the door for full-body orgasms.

Week 7: Surrender. Just say ‘yes’

Using the space we have begun to create in the body, we begin to ‘unhook’ from our previous fixation on the what we think orgasm should be, and we start to allow ourselves to rest into the energy of our arousal. We allow it to show us how to deepen, we say yes to it…

  • Release old limiting ideas of what sex and orgasm ‘should’ be like.
  • Learn a fierce, intense and empowering practice where we truly open into the essential power of vulnerability and surrender.
  • Experience getting out of your mind and allow your body to truly teach you the depths of pleasure that is possible. 


Juicy Extras

Juicy Extras

Bonus #1 : Tantra Yoga Video

A powerful yoga breathing and asana practice designed specifically to support this home-study course, focusing on opening the 2nd chakra. There is a lot of yoga out there and much of it is very linear. This practice moves in circles, inviting the body to open to a non-linear way of being. We also work to build the physical strength necessary for you to fully embody all of the energy you will be awakening in your body.

Bonus #2: You Are Not Alone ~ Guidance Along the Way

As you explore the Awaken to Your Body Program, you will also have access to two Q & A call recordings. Listen in and learn as others ask the personal questions that are coming up for them throughout this process. I find that deep down many of us experience the same things when we are in a process of awakening. You will likely find some of your questions answered in listening to these recordings.

 Bonus #3: Awaken to Your Body
Workbook & Audio Transcripts

Yes, it’s awesome. You can easily skim through these to deepen your understanding of the practices. 

If you are a visual learner, you are gonna love this! While you will be practicing with the audio meditations, each week also has a handout that has all the exercises outlined that you can read through at your pace and practice over & over. And there's no need to take notes ~ each week also comes with a complete audio transcript of everything I say.

Bonus #4: Private Awaken To Your Body Online Community

This is a totally secret Facebook group where you can share with other women who are going through the home study, ask questions about the content and interact with me directly about what you are experiencing through the course.


Peace of Mind Guarantee

It’s always important to me that you feel safe, held and even loved through every interaction with Embody Tantra and this work. I believe in this process and if you are feeling called I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say ‘yes’. In support of that, I am offering a guarantee.

Once you purchase the home-study course, get started right away!! Try every practice over the next 7 weeks. If after listening to all of the audios and participating with the practices you feel clear that this work is simply not for you, I will refund you 100% of your investment.

*you must contact Embody Tantra within 7 weeks for guarantee to be valid.


Take the leap

Take the leap

Yes! It's time. I’m ready to reclaim my power and
awaken to more pleasure in my body.

You will receive access to the online course with…

*Course is 100% digital access. Course does NOT include any physical materials (CDs, DVDs, etc). 

*Course is 100% digital access. Course does NOT include any physical materials (CDs, DVDs, etc). 

  • 7 Weekly Audios, each week there is a class where you will experience a different practice to give you an experience of awakening in your body.
  • Workbook with a synopsis of the class, transcribed copy of the meditation that week, and home-play assignments to help you integrate these practices into your life.
  • Recordings of 2 group Q & A sessions in addition to the 7 classes.
  • 1 hour Yoga video to support our practices.
  • Access to the private Awaken To Your Body Facebook group where you can share, ask questions, meet others in the course & receive direct input from Charu.

I have worked very hard to create a course that truly feels like I am right there with you helping you create a new relationship with your body. Previously, the only way to have this kind of hand-holding and support from me would be to work with me privately for $2,500!

I understand that not everyone can make that kind of investment ~ so I created this course to give you the VALUE of 1-on-1 work at a price point that is considerably less. :)

Awaken To Your Body Home Study Course for Women


*or 3 payments of only $265

Still have questions?

Email us at and ask any questions about the Awaken to Your Body course. We’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you.

“Here’s the thing about the Home Study course: it’s portable, it’s effective and it has totally changed how I experience myself and the way in which I relate to others. It has opened up possibilities that I never even saw, let alone thought I could experience. There is a softening, an opening inside me, and it all began with listening to that little “Yes!” when I first read about the Home Study course.

I have also attended The Awaken Weekend live and what I love about the Home Study is that it shows me how to take the practices we learned at the weekend (even the partnered practices!) and continue to use them. I can listen to the audios at home, in the car, on an airplane…pretty much anywhere I have my computer or iPod. I use them when I am doing the actual practice but I also play them over and over again and I swear, every time I listen I hear something new as I deepen into my daily practice.

What I’ve learned is that a consistent practice is INVALUABLE and the Home Study course makes it easy to do that. I never worry that I’m going to forget how to do a practice because I can always go back to the audio or the transcripts. I have continued on to do deeper work with Charu and, much to my surprise, the foundational practices I learned in the Home Study continue to be powerful and transformative.” ~ Maya