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Love Notes


Love Notes

“I have been meditating for over 28 years.

I started the seven week course but I was frustrated because I did not have a partner to practice with and was feeling sorry for myself, yet I was committed to the process and found I progressed rapidly probably because of my years of meditation. There was a lot of healing, pain, tears, ecstasy, new energy which was ramping rapidly.

During the course, I met a man and I ended up being with him. What I experienced with him was the most beautiful, loving, wild sex I have had in my 32 years of doing it.

The heights we reached on our first coming together is special and I do believe I had to do the work and he appeared to meet me.” ~Leslee

“Today I made love for the first time in a long time, with tenderness, with tears, speaking my truth, asking for what I want.

I am so grateful for allowing myself to feel again. Allowing myself to touch the places inside of me that need healing. And awakening in it.”

"What a blessing this is! I’m having such a wonderful time on this journey with you. I feel like a little kid in a candy store…..excited, thrilled, overwhelmed, delighted and open open open….with my whole body and being.

Charu, I experience you so completely and trust your teachings and wisdom inexplicably!!!! i feel so happy!!!!!!!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show up, as i am, in a space of acceptance."